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We understand the importance of your relationship with your vendors. These merchants, dealers and business partners play a huge role in shaping your business. We also know you need crystal-clear communication with your vendors. It’s one of the prerequisites when operating within the supply chain industry. The 7right vendor management system helps you serve this very purpose. A centralised platform which organises and manages all your staff-related requirements, whether’s it’s automated invoices or fulfilment orders. The benefits of having all your vendors together under one metaphorical roof are huge. Like, increased visibility, accessibility and clarity, to name a few. It’s just an easier, better way to conduct your business.

It’s also a sales-boosting software

7rights vendor management solutions offer enhanced real-time tracking, keeping you well informed of the whereabouts of every order. We also provide on-demand feasibility, so you know the ramifications and justification of every process that takes place within your online system. You also receive dynamic and customised rates which offer you much needed flexibility when placing orders. It’s all you need to secure stability and success in one smart move.

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7Rights brings you a single solution to automate your logistics business. It provides you with a centralized management console to help monitor the complete operations of your setup from a single point.

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