The 7Rights Of Logistics Management

Powerful, Easy-To-Use & Affordable
Get It Right, Every Time With 7Rights!

Multiple Solutions, One Platform

Manage Your C2C, B2C & B2B Customers
With Our On-Site Or On-Demand Cloud System

One-Screen Navigation

A Centralized Management Console
To Operate Your Entire Supply Chain

24/7 Specialized Support

Our Always-On Industry Expertise
Is Only Just One Call Away

Deep Learning & Advanced Analytics

Ensure Business Excellence
With 7Rights' Detailed Reports & Predictive Intelligence

Fleet & Personnel Updates In Real-Time

Book & Track, Locate & Manage
7Rights Helps Organise All Your Resources Online, Instantly

Introducing 7Rights

The digital solution to all your logistics management challenges

7Rights is the most powerful, easy-to-use, affordable and intuitive 360° logistics management solution for the supply chain industry.

From seamless courier, warehouse and advanced transport management to third party logistics and ERP, 7Rights offers a single window platform to efficiently manage all your resources.

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Who Can Use 7Rights?

Traditional courier companies who want to go digital without investing huge amounts of time and money

State-of-the art logistics firms looking to increase their efficiency and optimize their resource allocation

E-commerce setups who want an end-to-end supply-chain management solution

Organisations who need to keep track of finances transactions with their logistics partners

Logistics and courier companies who wish to create a sustainable and compliant organization


7Rights offers a single window platform for centralized management

From seamless courier, warehouse and advanced transport management to third party logistics and ERP, 7Rights offers one easy-to-use, efficient and affordable platform to manage all your resources. Our progressive user interface ensures a short learning curve, while our 24/7 specialized help offers industry-specific support. With our online presence, mobile app, call centre and franchise offices, you are just one step away from transforming your business forever!

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How Does 7Rights Work?

7Rights is a cloud based intuitive system to manage your courier/logistics business. From managing your clients to managing multiple warehouses and from mapping the best route for your fleet, to helping you track your field executives, 7R provides you with a host of easy-to-use features to take your business to the next level!

7Rights is packed with features to ensure business success


7Rights offers you flexible pricing solutions to suit your budget and your business needs.
Get the basic model for efficient warehouse and courier management, with web and mobile monitoring. Upgrade to 7Rights Pro for the added functionality of CRM and intelligent business reports. Or contact us to customize 7Rights to suit your unique business needs.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

About Us

7Rights brings you a single solution to automate your logistics business. It provides you with a centralized management console to help monitor the complete operations of your setup from a single point.

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