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Client Management
7Rights’ rich dashboard, advanced reporting and real-time tracking gives you the upper hand in client management. Add and maintain all your clients. Put up product-wise customized prices. Generate orders and pickups, auto billing and remittance and print labels.
Network Management
Manage network hub/branch and their operations executives with applicable access controls. Optimize operations and resource utilizations with standardized workflows. Create and configure network with scaling in ad-hoc areas along with hybrid routes for delivery. Expand your network with 3PL flexibility.
Vendor/Co-loader Management
Manage various vendors with ease of creation and configuration. 7Rights offers enhanced real-time tracking and on-demand feasibility, with dynamic and customized rates.
Third Party Logistics (3PL) Management
Expand your network of 3PL providers with the ease of automation and technology that 7Rights provides. Our platform gives you great flexibility in ad-hoc geographic distribution with opportunity of business growth. Reduce transportation and warehouse facilities expenses, with 3PL outsourcing, and last mile and first mile with 3PL.
Intuitive Dashboard
7Rights has an intuitive dashboard with rich support for operational analytics, operational workflow (pickup / delivery / return / redirects / reconnections / COD / collections / remittance), tracking, report and graphs, and auto notifications for daily metrics.
Pickup Management
This includes create pickup requests from the client panel, pickup sheet workflow, mobile APP for pickup executive, reverse/customer pickup support and advanced API support with warehouse selection.
Delivery Management
7Rights has an enhanced model for delivery with predefined routes and pre-scheduled requests. The mobile app includes a module for delivery executives, DRS workflow and POD support.
Field Executive Mobile App
With the 7Rights field executive mobile app, you can manage deliveries, optimize routes, offer directions, track field executives, send notifications, all with proof of delivery in real-time, as well as in off-line mode.
TAT Alerts
Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction when you set up delivery/pickup schedules on the basis of TAT. 7Rights can highlight out of TAT shipments and send you status transition TAT alerts.
B2B Management
Flexible handling of B2B business with B2B label generation, B2B billing and B2B tracking
Franchise Management
If you have franchises, you get end-to-end visibility with 7Rights. Handle your franchise billing and load management easily.
Transit Management
Streamline handover and receive process, maintain packet history, handle missing/damaged merchandise and auto-routing on the basis of branch hierarchy.
Finance Management
Manage customer and vendor bills and remittances. 7Rights has an in-built verification and approval process with incentive management, expense management and historical reporting.
User Role Management
7Rights offers role-based access control (RBAC) to manage system access. Set different access rights for different levels of employees. Restrict data level access and customize role access as per your need.
Reports & Analysis
Take advantage of our smart analytics and forecasting with MIS reports, daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly dashboards and graphs. You can customize reports, generate mailing reports and restrict report access on the basic of user roles.
Bulk Uploads
7Rights has the capability to perform bulk operations like masters bulk upload, order creation, pickup creation, serviceable zip codes, AWB generations etc. You can also restrict bulk access on the basis of user roles.
Print Labels
7Rights has the capability of printing bulk labels for clients and 3PL partners, with customized sizes and formats.
API Support
7Rights offers complete automation with 3PL logistics and direct API integration with clients. Manage order details, tracking, AWB generation, serviceability & TAT, as well as freight details.
Smart Notifications
Keep everyone in the loop with SMS & email notifications. Send notifications to your customers, as well as sales and operation notifications to your management team.
Customer Relationship Management
Build, manage and retain your customers with add-on complaint management, lead management, pipeline tracking and customer engagement features.
Set user level security. And grant Admin rights with security for web access and network policy
Branch Audits
Need to conduct audits? 7Rights lets you set up separate branch COD, inventory and stationery audits
Expense Management
Manage all your expenses with 7Rights, including employee expenses, vendor expenses, branch/facility expenses, as well as stationery expense management.

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