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“Investing time and effort in the bleeding edge of technology will give customers the best in class software systems”


An experienced technologist, Mr. Shetty possesses an undying passion to create highly scalable and fault-resilient systems. His ambition to develop pragmatic, efficient and cost-effective systems has inspired him to build diverse flagship products under his entrepreneurial debut, Catseye. His foray into Blockchain based systems, deep learning platforms, and scalable cloud-managed infrastructure has helped the firm to create a wealth of skills. Mr. Shetty is an expert in strategically applying these skills to maximize of benefits for their customers.
Mr. Shetty is a graduate in software engineering from the University of Mumbai and has a Diploma in International Business.

Deviraja Shetty

Managing Director

“Building a long-lasting relationship with each and every stakeholder of the business is the key to success”

Entrepreneurial and driven Chief Executive, Mr. Singh has garnered over 13 years of experience in founding numerous companies and gaining global clients. A strategic leader with consistent success stories, he has achieved revenue, profit, and market growth objectives by digitizing online retail, supply chain, and logistics industry. Mr. Singh is a facilitator and builder of result-oriented, agile, and inspired technology management and product development teams. With an innate skill to juggle businesses at both start-ups and scaled growth stages, Mr. Singh has developed a deep understanding of the critical business-drivers targeted to clients’ business needs. Nurtured in an Army environment, one can always observe his loyalty, discipline, and tactfulness in every business move.

Suraj Singh


“Digital transformation is an effective way to enable businesses to widen their customer reach and achieve product growth”

Mr. Kumar has led diverse businesses as a data-driven product manager and result-oriented information technology practitioner. With over 12 years of industry experience, his focus is on building targeted products and services for enterprise customers. Mr. Kumar prefers to work in close quarters with clients to understand their critical business objectives and recommend a suitable technological and functional solution. As a team player, he works with cross-functional teams and has spearheaded initiatives to get a holistic view of strategy and business as a whole. Mr. Kumar’s arena goes beyond the realms of cloud services and solutions, security, user experience and customer success. For his team and his clients, he is an approachable, person, who enjoys being outdoors and builds lasting relationships with people.

Mr. Kumar has a business degree from the University of California, Irvine, and a certification in Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship.

Alok Kumar

Director, Sales & Marketing

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7Rights brings you a single solution to automate your logistics business. It provides you with a centralized management console to help monitor the complete operations of your setup from a single point.

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