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You build businesses. We build efficient transport management solutions. Together, we can join forces, and achieve your targets. The 7Rights transport management module is your key to controlling the length and breadth of your delivery networks. Once your products leaves the safety of the warehouse, its our responsibility to see it through to its final destination. On the way, you get real-time updates along with detailed data on every delivery. Along with routing-logic based delivery app and on-ground delivery tracking that deals with all operational challenges. With our fleet management software, youre guaranteed a smooth ride all the way through.

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We handle all logistic and shipping requirements. And by all, we mean everything that takes you from point A to point B. Think of it, and we cover it. We monitor the handover and receiving process. So every package is accounted for. We maintain package history. So that the details are always available to you. Any missing merchandise? Our superior tracking systems wont fail you. No order escapes from under our watchful eye. We also ensure complete transparency throughout. Our integrated GPS technology makes every driver, vehicle and package visible to you. Along with an app-based route mapping and fuel efficiency, our entire transportation software is available at a reasonable cost that is light on your pocket. Whether its local deliveries or large overseas shipments, the 7Rights transit management system is hardwired to ensure you meet your targets on time.

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7Rights brings you a single solution to automate your logistics business. It provides you with a centralized management console to help monitor the complete operations of your setup from a single point.

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