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Seamless Courier Management System
7Rights provides a cloud-based hosted courier management software with highly robust features to meet every requirement of your courier dispatch business. Whether you are a small courier firm or a big courier company, we can help you meet your end-to-end business needs. Our highly customisable solutions cater to all phases of your business including on-demand, scheduled deliveries or routed deliveries.
7Rights is a complete software framework for all the enterprise needs in terms of domestic and International operations. Here are the highlights of the system:

- Streamlined operations
- Cost efficiency
- Increased accuracy
- End-to-end visibility
- High scalability
- Innovative analytics
- Reduced planning efforts
Efficient Warehouse Management System
7Rights provides a fully functional Warehouse Management System with seamless inbound and outbound processing. Your logistics management can hugely benefit from this system if you are looking for the following benefits:

- Complete visibility of all inbound items
- A 360-degree view of the inventory in the system
o Categorization of good and bad merchandise
o Geo-tagging
- Order Processing
- Picking and packing
- Capacity planning
- Outbound Documentation
- Alerts
- Intelligent Reports
- Intuitive Dashboards for all levels of decision makers

Modules and Features of the warehouse management system:
- Warehouse Setup
- Inwards Process
- Outward Process
- Movement
- Inventory Management
- Reports
- Billing
Advanced Transport Management System
As a logistics provider the biggest challenge is to manage your fleet and personnel out in the field. The Transport Management System (TMS) helps you keep track of all your vehicles and personnel out in the field in real-time, so you save on time and money. 7Rights will help you every step of the way in planning, execution and optimizing the daily operations of your transportation fleets. As a logistics management solution provider here is what we have to offer:
- Planning and execution of your day to day transportation needs
- Seamless integration with your inventory management system
- Reduced human errors
- Reduced time and money expenses
- Advanced analytics helping you with route and cost optimization
Third Party Logistics (3PL)
7Rights offers a completely automated Third Party Logistics (3PL) system. Integrate your business with 3PL providers so you can expand your network with minimum capital and focus on what you do best.
Here is what we help you with:
- A flexible and automated solution to help you reach a wider distribution and expand your business network
- Hassle-free 3PL interactions with advanced automation and technology
- Minimise capital investment on 3PL outsourcing by reducing transportation and warehouse facilities
- Great flexibility in ad-hoc geographic distribution with opportunity for business growth
Enterprise Resource Planning
7Rights with its enterprise offering centralize all your services on one management console. We provide an integrated solution with financials, distribution, planning, inventory management and reporting capabilities. 7Rights adapts to your unique business requirements providing solutions and recommendation suited to your business needs.
Here is our key offering:

- Multi-channel warehouse management
- 3PL integration
- Complete management and tracking of the distribution network
- Mobile app for the field personnel
- Advanced reporting
- Real time feedback

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7Rights brings you a single solution to automate your logistics business. It provides you with a centralized management console to help monitor the complete operations of your setup from a single point.

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